Dynamic Leverage Information

The daily trading volume on the Forex market has grown exponentially in the last decade, due to an increasing number of retail traders entering the market. Financial leverage is an important aspect of FX trading, because it allows investors to enter the market with a relatively small capital.

What is Dynamic Leverage?

Each trading account has certain leverage defined at the time of creation. However, when entering a trade, the actual leverage may differ because the different symbols can have different leverages. For example, while you may get 1:30 leverage for major currency pairs, the brokers offer much lower leverage for highly volatile pairs, Share CFDs, natural resources, Metal CFDs, and Crypto CFDs (1:10 - 1:50). In such cases, account leverage is treated as an upper limit. If the symbol’s leverage is smaller than account leverage, then the symbol’s leverage will be applied, if the symbol’s leverage is bigger – the account leverage prevails.

Please read the information below regarding our Dynamic Leverage Information.

Please note that the maximum leverage offered by SquaredFinancial is explained in more detail below.

Retail Margin Requirements

LeverageLeverage up to
Major Currencies1:30
Non-Major Currencies1:20
Gold and Major Indices1:20
Commodities other than gold and non-major equity indices1:10

Professional Margin Requirements<br/>FX CFDs Majors/Minors

Open LotsMaximum Leverage
0-25Max 1:500
25-50Max 1:200
50-75Max 1:100
75-100Max 1:50
100+Max 1:20

Forex CFDs Margin Requirements

Open LotsMaximum Leverage
0-10Max 1:100
10-20Max 1:50
20+Max 1:20

Energies CFDs Margin Requirements

Open LotsMaximum Leverage
0-10Max 1:100
10+Max 1:50

Metal CFDs Margin Requirements

Open LotsLeverage up to
0-5Max 1:200
5-10Max 1:100
10+Max 1:50

Indices CFDs Margin Requirements

Open LotsLeverage up to
0-75Max 1:300
75-150Max 1:200
150-300Max 1:100
300-500Max 1:50
500+Max 1:20

CFDs on Futures Margin Requirements

Open LotsLeverage up to
0 - 100+1:100
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