In 2009 the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was launched creating the world’s first new financial system. Based on blockchains, cryptocurrencies have become a significant new option for exchanging, storing and trading value.

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies

Digital currencies are increasingly uncorrelated with main market moves, in the same way as gold and the Japanese yen, which allows traders to diversify and hedge their investments.

Trading Characteristics

Compared with traditional assets the market cap of cryptocurrencies, especially the lesser known coins can be limited. The lower levels of liquidity can lead to greater volatility so this needs to be factored into trading. It is one of the reasons cryptocurrencies are increasingly used as part of diverse portfolios, but the risk profile should always be considered alongside other investments.

Key Facts

  • Cryptocurrency Market (2020) – US$ 267,546,743,856
  • 24hr Volume – US$ 114,255,759,710
  • Bitcoin Dominance – 67%

Crypto Payments

You can pay or take profit from the SquaredFinancial platform in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Tether.


Available to trade

Contract Specifications

Currency Pair
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Min Amount (Lots)
Margin Rate
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Contract Size
Trading Hours
BCHUSD (Bitcoin Cash)2 0.01 50%1:214.80USD00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
BTCUSD (Bitcoin)2 0.01 50%1:2188.0USD00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
BTCEUR (Bitcoin)2 0.01 50%1:2189.0EUR00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
ETHUSD (Ethereum)2 0.01 50%1:2114.0USD00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
ETHEUR (Ethereum)2 0.01 50%1:2116.0USD00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
LTCUSD (Litecoin)2 0.01 50%1:213.60USD00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
XRPUSD (Ripple)2 0.01 50%1:2100000.006USD00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
SOLUSD (Solana)2 0.01 50%1:210.80USD00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
ADAUSD (Cardano)5 0.01 50%1:210000.02USD00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
DOTUSD (Polkadot)2 0.01 50%1:210.37USD00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
EOSUSD (EOS)5 0.01 50%1:210.02USD00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
EOSEUR (EOS)5 0.01 50%1:210.02EUR00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
DOGUSD (DogeCoin)5 0.01 50%1:210.002USD00:00-24:00 (Open Every Day)
**All times are in GMT

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