US stocks register their highest daily rise in 9 months, with technology stocks leading the way, Nvidia (NVDA) in the highlight surging 7.96%, as risk-on wave continues over receding Omicron fears on the back of some evidence suggesting that a booster shot may still help stop the highly mutated strain. On the other hand, recent laboratory experiments out of South Africa suggest that the Pfizer shot provides less immunity to Omicron than to other major Covid-19 variants, raising concerns over the variant’s robustness.

Despite the outage in Amazon Inc’s cloud-computing arm, which left thousands of people in the U.S. without working fridges, roombas, and doorbells, AMZN stock rose 2.80%.

Apple stock closed at all-time highs, with Morgan Stanley raising their price target to $200 on the back of Virtual Reality and autonomous vehicles products.

The dollar retreated against major peers, as crude topped $72 a barrel in New York, and bitcoin climbed back above $50K.

On the diplomatic front, the US-Russia 2-hour call went as expected, with both parties standing their ground, the US warning Russia against invading Ukraine, and Putin making no promises to withdraw troops on Ukraine border.

Omicron and vaccine efficacy update:
• Pfizer providing less immunity compared to other Covid-19 strains
• Glaxo antibody treatment effective at preventing severe illness
• Medicago demonstrating 71% efficacy against multiple variants