Successful online trading requires a well-honed set of trading skills. The following are the Top 5 trading skills for minimizing risk exposure and probably increasing your profitability when investing in the CFD markets online.


Probably the most important and powerful skill to have as a trader is the ability to conduct. Apply technical and fundamental analysis to your trading plans and strategies. Proper analysis of market and price movements can take your trading to the next level. To find out more about how to conduct fundamental and technical analysis, make sure to visit our education centre.

Market Insight

Close monitoring of the markets and news that can affect the movement of the markets is vital towards proper planning and strategizing. Going through major releases of financial data from the world’s biggest economies like GDP, PPI, CPI, Construction indices, unemployment rates and so forth can help you determine the strength of economies and their probable future outcomes.

Concentration & Alertness

The ability to concentrate for long periods of time and to remain alert for important data and unexpected changes that can directly affect your trading is another important skill to master for successful trading. Monitor during your trading can help you minimize your risk and losses before it’s too late.

Trading Skills & Mental Fortitude

Learning how to exercise control over fear but also over greed is beneficial towards safe and calculated trading. Uncontrolled fear will eventually lead to panic. A mental state which could subsequently lead you towards hasty and wrong decisions that might bring undesired results. The same goes for Greed; if overly greedy you can end up exposing yourself to greater. Greater risk under the false promise of quick returns only to end up losing your entire invested capital. Being measured and in control of your emotions is a very important skill for online trading. The markets are volatile by nature and unexpected things will happen. Don’t be caught unawares, never panic, and never go “all in” on a single trade.

Keeping Track of your Trading Skills

Tracking your past and present trades is a great way to identify patterns in your trading. This will allow for better precision when customizing your existing strategies but also when you are formulating new strategies. Keep a tidy record and make sure you study it often to monitor your progress during your trading journey.

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