Here’s a list of 10 common things between consistently successful traders:

  1. They are disciplined. They are alert. They are adaptable to change and to the unexpected.
  2. They know how to spot, rapidly asses and exit losing trades at the right time.
  3. They have a few high return trades going, to cover for smaller losing trades.
  4. They never risk their entire capital on a single opportunity in a single trade.
  5. They learn how to perform and apply Technical & Fundamental analysis to their trades.
  6. They understand the market so well that they know when to be bullish in bull markets and bearish in bear markets.
  7. They are in control of their fear of loss and they are not overtaken by greed. They do not allow their Ego to get in the way of their trading.
  8. They do not compare themselves and their results to other traders in the form of competition. There is no 1st 2nd 3rd prize in online trading. Every trader and every trade are different. The successful traders know this.
  9. They practice and strenuously test their strategies in a demo account before engaging the market with real money
  10. They know the importance of having professional support and they choose professional service providers to support them along their trading journey.