In our efforts to offer our clients more products, we added new cryptocurrency CFDs to our wide range of financial instruments. You can now trade five new crypto CFDs on MetaTrader 5 platform: Solana vs. US Dollar (SOLUSD), Cardano vs. US Dollar (ADAUSD), Polkadot vs. US Dollar (DOTUSD), EOS vs. US Dollar (EOSUSD), Bitcoin vs. EUR (BTCEUR), Ethereum vs. EUR (ETHEUR), EOS vs. EUR (EOSEUR), and DogeCoin vs. US Dollar (DOGUSD).

“We promised our clients to increase our products, because we want to offer them access to any instrument they might want to trade. We aim at being their first-choice broker, their trading partner”, said Husam Al Kurdi, SquaredFinancial CEO. “I believe that people around the world, especially younger investors, have their eyes on crypto; and SquaredFinancial has always been part of the action”.